A Dozen Facts About Zoners

Zoners — Those who choose to consume alcohol in a manner that is both more socially responsible and personally pleasing.

Zoners — By the numbers: a person with a blood alcohol content (BAC) below .06%

Zoners — Use common sense. Even if their drinking should result in BAC below .06%, if their impairment causes concern, they stop drinking the alcohol. They know factors like mood, illness and other drugs in the body often increases impairment.

Zoners — Often use technology to help them guide their drinking experience. Cell apps can help Zoners track their BAC.

Zoners — Are happier than other alcohol drinkers. Drinkers who monitor their BAC can stay in the first phase of alcohol’s effects. Here they experience the stimulating effects (“Pleasure Zone”) of drinking. For example, feeling more sociable, relaxed, and confident.
Drinkers whose BAC rises above .06% experience the second phase of alcohol consumption and its negative, depressant effects. For example, fatigue, self-consciousness and lack of coordination.

Figure 1. Two effects or phases of alcohol (“biphasic response”). From Dimeff, Linda A., Baer, John S., Kivlahan, Daniel R., and Marlatt, G. Alan. Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS): A Harm Reduction Approach. New York, NY: The Guilford Press, 1999.

Zoners – Are safer on the road than other alcohol drinkers:

Figure 2. Effects of increased BAC levels on motor vehicle crashes. From the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Zoners – Are less likely than other alcohol drinkers to cause violence:
Moderate drinkers experience a sense of wellbeing. They show some impairment below .06% BAC, but don’t appear to be at significantly higher risk of injury to themselves and others than nondrinkers. (Graham, Schmidt, and Gillis; 1996; Richardson and Budd, 2003)

Zoners – Are less likely than other alcohol drinkers to visit a trauma room:
About 30 percent of the time, trauma room patients have a BAC above .08%. (UC Irvine Medical Center, Ventura Community Medical Center)

Zoners – Are less likely than other alcohol drinkers to cause an insurance claim:
Less violence means fewer insurance claims. Insurance broker Sandy Baldinger, who writes insurance for over 3,000 alcohol businesses across America, states: “Ninety-nine percent of insurance claims are the result of the over-service of alcohol.”

Zoners – Are more likely to enjoy their experience and return to a business. Repeat customers return because their experience is consistently positive. (Drew Stevens, author of Gold Medal Customer Service) They are more likely to enjoy their experience and be a walking billboard for a bar or restaurant.

Zoners – Understand it is always safer not to drink and drive.

Zoners – May be born from knowledge gained inside a drinking establishment, but take their knowledge to all drinking environments.