What People are Saying
About Our Workshops

“I attended Nuisance-Free Bars’ class on Community Policing Liquor-Service Establishments. The instructors were knowledgeable regarding the in and outs of Conditional Use Permits, laws, and best practices related to working with and enforcing alcohol serving/selling businesses. The materials they provide, along with the instruction, gives the attendee ideas and resources they can use to build working relationships with businesses while also setting expectations, along with the enforcement tools needed when necessary. Highly recommend this class to any organization with concerns related to Conditional Use Permits and/or alcohol issues. Strongly recommend supervisor/management attendance.”Captain Milton McKinnon, Hermosa Beach Police Department, 2018
“What a great opportunity for cities. I wish these workshops
had been available when I was in office.”
Peter Buffa, Former Mayor, City of Costa Mesa
“I would urge cities and counties to consider this new training.
The ABC can only do so much. With this training, local officials can now do even more to prevent problems and reduce costs.
Nuisance-Free Bars is a great concept and business-friendly.” Jerry R. Jolly, Former Director, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
“Nuisance-Free Bars has expanded their successful owner/manager training model to include workshops for city planners and law enforcement personnel who have responsibility for determining how, when and where alcohol can be served, as well as addressing the many community consequences from over-service of alcohol. This approach makes sense. Their staff is uniquely qualified to provide training and technical assistance on how planners, bar owners and police can work together to prevent and reduce alcohol-outlet related problems. Their services are highly recommended.” Michael Sparks, Alcohol Policy Specialist/President, Sparks Initiatives
“A comprehensive program that teaches how implementing policies that can reduce alcohol-related harm makes financial sense for everyone.”
Ryan D. Treffers, JD, Legal Policy & Research Consultant
“This course fills a need in peace officer training to deal with problematic ABC licensed premises. It augments what is taught on ABC law in the POST Basic Course and any liaison training officers receive working with ABC agents in the field. The curriculum is educationally sound and clearly focuses on crime prevention and officer safety.” Dan Toomey, Training Coordinator, Northern California Law Enforcement Training Center

What Business Leaders are Saying
about Nuisance-Free Bars Training

“Over the years I have attended many alcohol training seminars. What makes |NFB| different is it’s informative, entertaining and efficient. Focuses on issues surrounding responsible practices in selling and serving alcoholic beverages. It covers the many risks involved in alcohol service and clearly goes over the repercussions such as fines, imprisonment, losing your liquor license and increases in insurance. I hope all establishments will invite him to train their staff members as well.”Rose Martinez, Baja Sharkeez Restaurant Group Director of Training
“Training was very informative and applicable to our business.  It is great to see a program that understands our business and gives us realistic options to combat the issues of responsible beverage service and how they are beneficial to our bottom line.  Every new business needs to go through this course.”Rob Arellano, Marketing Director, The Identity Management Group
“The [NFB] seminar was full of useful information and firsthand knowledge from an experienced operator. The unique concepts backed by thorough research and statistics have proven that you can truly increase the bottom line across several expense line items while adhering to his serving responsibly program – a real eye opener for our management teams.”Dan Bradley, Managing Partner, Memphis Group
“The [NFB] meeting was the most informative class to date that we have had for our management team. Gregg’s insights were truly helpful in clarifying ABC laws and regulations as well as the consequences if they are not followed. It is great to finally see a program that breaks down the short and long terms costs in a way that speaks to owners and management. It’s amazing that this course is not mandatory for everyone in this industry.”Chad Cranford, General Manager, 25 Degrees
“The [NFB] seminar is an invaluable resource for all those in the business of serving alcohol. Gregg’s research and statistics provided a thorough overview of our industry. Specifically, the information concerning pour costs clearly proved how an operator/owner can reduce intoxication problems while increasing profits and the bottom line at the same time. The issues addressed also helped in the evaluation of factors affecting one’s license to sell alcohol and liability issues. We highly recommend all those in the industry attend this most valuable seminar.”James Nanko, Owner, Hurricanes
“I went into [NFB] expecting the same redundant speech I’ve heard in most alcohol service classes. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least, by how insightful and informative the course was. He uses his own research and first-hand experience to illustrate not only how good serving and pouring practices help keep a business running smoothly and keep up its accountability to the public and the law, but also how remarkably more profitable a business can be just by adhering to responsible serving practices. I highly recommend his course.”Sara White, General Manager, Black Bull Chophouse
I highly recommend every bar owner to complete [NFB] training. The training demonstrates how the over-serving of alcohol costs the bar more in the long run than any short-term gains. Gregg’s insights into general liability insurance expenses and security policies have changed our customer care policies. His use of research studies to explore bar shrinkage has led us to significantly reduce the amount of liquor that is over poured, while at the same time, making our business more profitable.Larry Houser, Owner, Bourbon Street
“[NFB] and the line staff training have been invaluable in helping us walk the line between creating a luxury service environment and providing a safe, healthy, and legally compliant environment for our staff and guests to enjoy.  Making this training mandatory for our managers and staff was the first, and only choice when deciding how to define ourselves as industry leaders and responsible neighbors in our community.”Joseph Clary, GM, E.P. Asian Eating House & L.P. Rooftop Bar