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Well-managed drinking places (bars) create tax dollars and add to a city’s social fabric. Yet, too often cities have a net negative “bar alcohol footprint.” This means your bars cost your city more than they bring in. Also, high-risk intoxication in bars creates harm and other problems inside, in neighborhoods, and on the road. Our three unique workshops give planners, police, and bar owners new, research-supported knowledge and skills to address these tough challenges with greater success.

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      Training for Planners

      For planners, planning managers, community development directors, planning commissioners, code enforcement officers, and law enforcement officers who document conditions of approval for use permits or entertainment permits. Urban planning programs don’t train future city planners about conditions of approval for bars. In our workshop, you learn best and smart practices that researchers and prevention experts support, and that our state’s cities and counties use. Course is certified by the AICP. Download Fact Sheet.

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      Training for Law Enforcement

      For law enforcement officials at all levels including civilian staff who connect with bars or bar owners within the course of their duties. This training increases peace officer effectiveness to (a) influence new bars to be responsible, (b) partner with existing bars to improve responsible performance, and (c) intervene with disorderly, nuisance bars. POST-certified course. Download Fact Sheet.

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      Training for Bar Owners

      For decision-makers at bars, restaurants, clubs. Food & Beverage Management training courses don’t include safe and legal alcohol business practices. And most bar owners and managers aren’t trained on these issues. Our acclaimed workshop connects the dots between safe and legal practices, improved patron care, and increased profits. It’s the only “Level Three” workshop on the ABC’s list of training programs. Download Fact Sheet.

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    “Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness.”George Washington, speech to Congress, 1790

    Experts in local government, law enforcement, and alcohol policy
    who have reviewed this new training have been unanimously supportive.